Association of local Businesses and Consumers

In the Face of Globalism and Social Division, it has become important to create civic associations to protect our ways of life, to flourish and to prosper. A large part of the population no longer feels represented in the public space although it has a lot to contribute for our common growth!

For several years “achete.québec”, the select group of selective people for local purchases was founded to slow down the destruction of our economy by multinationals and their unfair competition. Today the position could not be clearer, “” / Les “Amis du Québec”, focuses on putting our common values at the center of our priorities for our generation and those to come.

Let’s live in the world we choose to build and desire to live in!

We, consumers and workers, are the only ones to build and finance businesses. Let us know how to choose those who are beneficial to us all and to ours.

Between us, there are people who have great businesses. Others have knowledge or favorites to share. Some have created news or entertainment channels. I am moved to see so many emerging talents, without any subsidies, without media support and even sometimes subjected to public lynching.

We have seen that the lack of love and the division have propagated inside the families, well supported by the “mainstream” media. The “Friends of Quebec” wants to be our common ground where we find our humanity and our healthy ties of belonging. The more of us there are to share the best of ourselves, the more our world will be built in our image!

Our awakening must propel us to live in our living environments and allow our young people to develop their creative potential. Being against globalism is useless if we finance companies that encourage and promote it! We must bring water to the right mill!

Between us, we will not go on a witch hunt because everyone has different financial resources. Sometimes in our sectors, certain products can only be obtained from a foreign company and we know that not everything is made in Quebec. The most important thing is to encourage, as much as possible, a Quebec company or a Quebec product! Each of our small daily gestures will have a broader and more beneficial meaning if we stop buying the products of these globalist monopolies.

We promote food autonomy, independent housing, progressive work, breeding in good living environments with animals without hormones or GMOs in our food. The local hardly pollutes, while our big companies have destroyed the life expectancy of our planet. The wars revolve continuously for resources. Let us know how to recognize and protect our own.

On the subject of politics, it is obvious that for the moment the political parties do not represent us, nor do they generally work for our interests. We firmly believe that only an “independent citizens” movement respecting democracy could benefit us! We can no longer submit to the lies and decadence of our society.

Our parallel world begins to be built because the other is collapsing and must be renewed. We work to form our ideal society, thanks to our bonds of friendship and our common general values.

Now we are no longer alone. We are creating together our network which extends to all regions of Quebec! Lets get back to natural intelligence!

By climbing a step each day, we end up reaching the top!